Sunday, May 3, 2009

Goodbye Easy Saver

The April Easy Saver catalog was apparently the last, as Walgreens has announced the end of the rebate program. This makes me very sad, because the rebates were the only thing I liked about Walgreens. Also, the Easy Saver catalog contained lots of great coupons I could clip and use at CVS, so the coupons are possibly an even bigger loss than the rebates. Judging by the last few weeks' sale circulars, it looks like Walgreens will be increasing the number of Register Rewards deals to make up for the lost rebates. I wish I could say that appeases me, but it does not. The complicated rules for earning and redeeming RRs (and the poor training of managers and cashiers) make it difficult to "roll" the rewards. I am still trying to make it work because I do want to take advantage of the deals, but it often requires several trips to the store and multiple transactions. I truly hope Walgreens changes over to rewards more like CVS Extra Bucks, which are much easier to keep track of and spend.

Goodbye, Easy Saver--you will be missed!