Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A gift from the coupon fairy

I was in a little convenience store on Sunday and I asked the guy behind the register what happens to the unsold newspapers at the end of the day. I have asked the same question in many stores, and I'm always told the same thing--the papers have to be sent back to the newspaper companies. This guy said some papers have to be returned, but some just get thrown away! I asked, "If I came by on Sunday nights or Monday mornings, would I be able to pick up the coupon inserts before they get trashed?" He said if I came back 15 minutes before closing time, they were all mine!

That night, I put Taylor to bed and headed back to the store. I ended up with 12 sets of inserts, and the guy said I can come back every week! I noticed that there was a monitor across from the register showing security camera footage of the parking lot, so I managed to contain my joy and not do a happy dance all the way to my car.

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